The Meridian
Coaching Process

What to Expect

We customize our approach with each organization, and each person being coached.
Here is a general description of how the coaching process can advance:

Organizational health checkup

Strategic goals need to be aligned with individual employee’s goals and when they are, this increases employee engagement. Coaching backed by an organizational health survey presents an excellent opportunity to discuss business objectives and create a sense of involvement for employees. The results of the engagement survey determine where the leadership coaching will focus. Our survey starts the process and our coaching builds awareness of what needs to be done.

Alignment meeting

Before coaching begins, the coach meets with management to define:

  • the goal(s) of the coaching
  • the evaluation criteria (i.e. how will you evaluate the success of the coaching?)
  • frequency of feedback, type of feedback and method of feedback to management/HR
  • the contract and confidentiality

Coaching contracts can be as short as 3 months, but are typically 6 months to 1 year.

Kick-off meeting

Once a contract has been signed with the sponsor, a kick-off meeting will be held to clarify the purpose/intent/goals and scope of the coaching with the sponsor and the client:

  • the coaching process
  • decide on the meeting schedule/frequency

Coaching meetings between the coach and client begin

At the first meeting:

  • Introductions are conducted
  • The coach and client co-create the client’s coaching plan/goals
  • The coach and client determine the criteria for evaluating the success of the coaching

Normally coaches and clients meet 2-3 times per month.

Check-in meetings with management/HR

When required by the sponsor, the coach checks in with management/HR and provides feedback within the limits of the confidentiality agreement.

Wrap up of the coaching engagement

The client has the opportunity to summarize his or her learning and future goals.


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