What we do

(and we do it very well)

Organizational Health Checkup

We provide a comprehensive set of survey questions to evaluate the health of your organization.  Organizations can remain agile and resilient by getting frequent feedback from employees. Information gathered from employee engagement surveys can help managers better understand and speak with employees about their needs. Our survey starts the process and our coaching builds awareness of where the focus needs to be.
Initial survey request.

Executive coaching

We are ICF certified coaches who adhere to their definition of coaching: “as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”.

Leadership coaching

We enable your people to understand challenges and possibilities, and create extraordinary performance. Our passion is tapping into the singular brilliance of each member of your team.
With ‘the manager as coach,’ your staff can become more involved, motivated and aligned with common goals. Learn how to transform your organization, one conversation at a time.

Business coaching

We provide an outside perspective to help you connect the dots and move to the next level in your organization. We’ll coach you to evaluate your priorities, decide what’s important and improve profitability.

Team coaching

We help your team advance… from managed to intuitive, from controlling to trusting, from stressful encounters to belief in each other. We create situations in which each team member is seen, heard, and understood. We can equip you and your team with powerful skills to coach your own people.

Career coaching

Do you have a pro-active talent management strategy? Meridian coaching helps you to develop, engage, and retain in-house talent, giving your organization a competitive edge.

Career transition / Outplacement

Our extensive business experience and years of working with people through personal change has provided us with the opportunity to coach individual who are losing their jobs and organizations who are restructuring.

Customized workshops

We have a keen grasp of the latest thinking on leadership – and bring this directly to you. Meridian workshops are customized for your organization. We introduce practical strategies that you and your team can put into action right away.


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