Organizatonal Health Checkup

June 30th, 2020

Connecting with employees is more important than ever as the patterns of our lives have been disrupted by COVID-19.

Many organizations have responded to the situation by implementing work from home policies that greatly reduce the risk of contacting and spreading the disease.   Employees also need to be made aware of what is going on at the organization and be encouraged to ask questions and share their concerns.

Organizations can remain agile and resilient by getting frequent feedback from employees. Information gathered from employee engagement surveys can help managers better understand and speak with employees about their needs.

Organizations can keep their people feeling engaged and involved by having regular team and individual conversations.

With regular organization health checks people feel seen, heard, and understood when they are checked in with on a regular basis and given frequent feedback. Just because these are exceptional times, does not mean that learning and development should be halted. It is important that employees feel that they are doing something more than merely surviving.  Continuous learning ensures that employees’ skills are kept current and align with the strategic goals of the organization.

Coaching improves employee engagement by providing development opportunities. We know that professional growth is one of the primary factors in recruiting and retaining employees. Some examples of areas that individual or teams can focus on are: leadership development, emotional intelligence, giving feedback, building accountability, and goal setting.

Individual employee’s goals need to align with strategic goals need to be aligned with and when they are, this increases employee engagement. Coaching presents an excellent opportunity to discuss business objectives and create a sense of involvement for employees. The results of the engagement survey will be used in determining areas of focus in leadership coaching.

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