Coaching is…

Coaching is the art and science of assisting healthy and effectively functioning individuals gain more effective and satisfying outcomes in their careers, organizations, and lives.

Coaching is forward moving, future focused, and based on the pursuit of specific actionable outcomes. The collaborative partnership between coach and client emphasizes action, accountability and follow-through. Using confidential, questions-driven conversations, the coach encourages the client to:

  • clarify his or her thinking,
  • embrace new perspectives,
  • unlock hidden potential ,
  • establish goals and outcomes,
  • develop and support action plans,
  • sustain lasting, transformational change.

Contact us to see how coaching can empower your people to achieve more. Helping clients succeed is our passion.

Solid return on your investment

Meridian coaching programs are tailored specifically to your organization’s goals, and are structured to have a measurable impact on business success.  We coach to your desired outcome.

Your results matter to us
Meridian provides evidence-based coaching, and we measure results with analytical rigor.  Talk to us about how our coaching delivers trackable results.

Coaching works
The median return on investment for coaching is approximately 7 times the initial outlay for organizations that have used professional coaching for business reasons, according to the International Coaching Federation’s GLobal Coaching Client Study, 2009, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Association Resource Centre Inc.

The power of insight

We have access to a range of assessments and diagnostic tools to help your people gain an enhanced understanding of their individual strengths, leadership styles, current performance, and opportunities for professional development.  Here are just a few of the tools we employ:   
__ PerformanSe ®, Team Booster®, Perf Manager®


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